Cupcake Wars

Cupcake Wars?   Are you kidding me?  When Hollywood called to ask us to apply to be on the Food Network television show Cupcake Wars my first reaction was “YEEESSSS”!!  But then I remembered that my daughter- in -law Megan and I (who jumpstarted this business together) have always joked that the stress of Cupcake Wars might jeopardize the great relationship we have.  Our competitive natures won over and we sent off our audition tape.  I screamed when the phone call came in that we were chosen.  We flew to Hollywood the fall of 2012 and filmed our episode “Ace of Cupcakes”.  Our favorite cupcake we created for the show was our Jalapeno Potato Chip Chocolate Toffee!!  We didn’t win but we had such an amazing experience filming on the set where the twister scene of “Wizard of Oz” was filmed!   After feeling somewhat like we had survived a “twister”, Megan and I traveled back to Nebraska having created an incredible shared memory that will not be forgotten.  We are often asked “would we do it again”?   The answer:   “You bet” and next time we plan to WIN!!!