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It's not about the cupcakes.

Yvonne Loy, the founder of Le Cupcake poured her heart and soul into building this cute little cupcake shop. She knew it was what she was supposed to do with her passion for baking and her passion to teach so she followed that path wholeheartedly. She gave of herself to her customers and her employees with her generous heart. Yvonne is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. With her teaching background it was very natural for her to lead her team to being successful and work together to produce wonderful product and and even better atmosphere of kindness to each other and Le Cupcake’s customers.

Meanwhile I was building my own business with M&M cupcakes. I had a delicious product and wonderful customers. I loved and still love creating beautiful cupcakes and cakes. Yvonne and I were healthy, friendly competitors in the cupcake market. At times we would even work together on a wedding where she catered the cupcakes and I the cake. In August of 2014, after 7 years of the cupcake business and even longer in the cake business I decided it was to much for me to handle all on my own. So I was at a crossroads. Either I had to go all in, which would mean investing money and a lot of time to open a storefront and/or hire employees, or I had to be done with M&M cupcakes. After much thought and prayer I decided to close M&M cupcakes and refer my business to the best cupcake shop in town: Le Cupcake. After meeting with Yvonne she encouraged and supported my decision but with eagerness asked if I would come and work for her. This decision was one I wrestled with at first. I love what I do, but I also wasn’t sure if it would be to hard to work for someone after being my own boss and making all those decisions on my own. After other doors of employment opportunities had shut and Yvonne made me an offer I couldn’t refuse I decided to work at Le Cupcake. At first I was working mostly on cakes, because the cake load had become so large. I was happy and felt like this was right where I was supposed to be. I immediately loved the atmosphere at Le Cupcake. After coming to love this little bakery so much and feeling completely content, I was given the news that Yvonne would be moving with her husband to Sioux Falls, SD, and also the news that Le Cupcake’s current manager would be looking for a new job. This meant that I would take on management responsibilities and continue doing cakes. I was sad to hear the news as Yvonne and I had become close friends. But after hearing the news I immediately began to pray about what this meant for me. I prayed that if God would want me to purchase the business or manage the business that He would make it very clear. I specifically prayed for an opportunity to talk with Yvonne about her plans for the business. It wasn’t very often that her and I got a chance to talk alone. But one morning when I arrived at work at 6:30 in the morning for a frosting shift there she was. I felt a nudge to start the conversation. I asked her if she was intending to sell and if so to please let me know as I may have interest. She immediately began to cry and so did I. At that moment we both knew that this was the plan. She and Greg had decided to sell the business just days prior to our discussion. She expressed relief and joy at the thought of the business going to someone that she knew would have the same passion and love for the business and her team as she did. I believe it was at this moment, at 6:30 in the morning crying in the bakery that we both knew that this was meant to be and would happen. Now I understood why God led me to leave M&M and come to Le Cupcake. He had a much bigger plan than I could see.

My favorite part about this new venture is the relationships that have developed because of it. That’s why I say, “its not about the cupcakes”. Cupcakes are just the means by which these relationships and inspiring stories happen, but that’s not the main thing. Life is cool that way. Yvonne is now an amazing friend of mine. She is a great support and encouragement to me. And the staff that she put in place prior to my ownership have blessed my life more than they will ever know. 

Its not about the cupcakes

Maria Applegarth

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