Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free

Le Cupcake offers a delicious array of gluten free cupcakes. Baked carefully and cleanly to eliminate risk of contamination from non- gluten free product, these cupcakes were some of our most popular at the Haymarket Farmer’s Market. For a full list of our cupcakes, please visit our “A La Carte” page.

[accordion title=”Strawberry Champagne”]
Gluten Free Strawberry ChampagneOur gluten free vanilla cake with fresh strawberries folded into the batter as well as other “secret” ingredients.  Piped with our signature strawberry buttercream frosting and topped with a fresh strawberry wedge.  Yes you can taste the champagne and the sophistication!




[accordion title=”Double Chocolate Cheesecake”]
Gluten Free Double Chocolate CheesecakeOur gluten free chocolate cake with a yummy cheesecake center and topped with our signature cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with mini-chocolate bits.




[accordion title=”Pina Colada”]
Gluten Free Pina ColadaLe Cupcake’s gluten free coconut cream cake frosted with our coconut pineapple buttercream and adorned with a skewer of pineapple and maraschino cherry just like your favorite tropical beverage of choice. Recently posted as “best thing I’ve ever eaten” by a customer on Gluten Free National Food Blog.



[accordion title=”Peanut Butter Cookie”][/accordion]

[accordion title=”Chocolate Cherry Brandy Cheesecake”][/accordion]

[accordion title=”Blackberry Pomegranate”][/accordion]

[accordion title=”Pumpkin Cream Cheese”][/accordion]

[accordion title=”Dairy-Free & Soy-Free”]
Le Cupcake is proud to also offer dairy free and soy free cupcakes. Both are available by special order.[/accordion]