Zabby and Hannah

Zabby is what we call our amazing, positive, encouraging, creative, artistic, generous, selfless, beautiful baker. Her name is Elizabeth but we all know her as Zabby. What I love about Zabby, besides the very accurate attributes I just listed, is her positive smiling attitude of joy that she has every single day. I have never seen Zabby without Joy. It doesn’t matter what the circumstance she has it and its contagious! Oh and Zabby does it all! WE call her our baker because she does 90% of the baking, but she also does pretty much everything else at the bakery. Anything from decorating cakes and cupcakes to wedding set ups to customer service. She is also known for taking on new challenges with a smile whenever I ask. Also she has been with Le Cupcake from the very beginning and knows and loves this bakery very, very well! Yes, She is amazing! I could talk about her all day but I want to talk about what’s important to her. Here is what Zabby is passionate about and why we have chosen to sponsor this event in October.

Mosaic at The Bay:
I feel like I’m passionate about mosaic at the bay for pretty much all the things mentioned in the PDF, but I especially love mosaic and the bay for their love of people and the fact that they have a mission of loving on people the moment they walk in the door and don’t ask questions and just love you where you are. I really love how the Bay helps women who have been in sex trafficking or who are at risk for going in to sex trafficking. Just the other day I received a text from a group that was trying to find a woman a home for the weekend and we worked together and a place was found for her to stay, and I loved seeing other people passionate about loving on people. That’s just part of why I believe in Mosaic @ the Bay.

I believe that Mosaic has an amazing opportunity to help the mission of the Bay. I believe that we can be supportive in its many efforts to change the city and help those who are struggling. I hope and pray that we are able to change lives and allow people to see God’s truth.
I love that the 5k we are putting on is funding that mission. It’s a perfect opportunity to raise money as well as awareness of what the Bay is about. It will help them financially, but may also allow those running an opportunity to find out more about the Bay, and Mosaic.

Hannah is also very passionate about this ministry. Hannah is our organizor and our very detailed employee. She loves doing custom decorating and is amazing at it! If you order cupcakes with custom design on them Hannah usually calls doing them. She loves it! Hannah is also our macaron expert. Because of her attention to detail our macarons taste and look amazing. What I love about Hannah is her positive attitude and care for others. Hannah is always willing to pitch in wherever we need her. I also love an apreciate her attention to detail! She catches things that I don’t and keeps me on top of things by paying attention to the details. I don’t know what I’d do without Hannah!

We are sharing this on our blog now so we give you guys plenty of time to sign up for this 5K Run! I can’t wait to see you all there!!!